The Museum of Loxley is our city’s newest way to preserve our unique local heritage. In 2021, our town council appointed a committee to create a History Museum for Loxley. Committee members include Kasey Childress, Patty Hudson, Joey Knight, Barbara Lovell, and Joan Richardson.

Located in a small building on Second Ave., the museum will display historical items collected from local families and others. Donations are currently being accepted, with hopes to fill the museum for a 2023 opening. Residents are encouraged to donate any pre-1970’s item with a historical reference to Loxley for display in our History Museum. Items can be loaned or gifted, and monetary donations are also accepted.

Museum Coordinator:
Barbara Lovell

(251) 923-3196
(251) 222-8817


Call for days/hours of operation.

4100 Second Ave.,
Loxley, AL 36551