The City of Loxley Municipal Court is a criminal misdemeanor court that handles misdemeanor offenses and traffic violations that occur within the city limits or within the Police jurisdiction of the City of Loxley.

Court proceedings begin at 3 p.m. on scheduled days and are held at the Loxley Civic Center, which is located at 4198 Municipal Park Drive, Loxley, AL 36551.

Municipal Court Clerk/Magistrate:
A. Regina Cason

(251) 964-6890


8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.  and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.,
Monday to Friday

2139 East Relham Ave
Loxley, AL 36551

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 9
Loxley, AL 36551

The Office of Magistrate

The legal authority to bring cases in the Loxley Municipal Court is the Code of Alabama mainly Title 32 (traffic) and Title 13A (criminal), as adopted by city ordinance. The adopting ordinances and code sections, as well as other ordinances and code sections, enforced in the Municipal Court can be found in the Loxley Municipal Code Book.

You have the legal right to contest any charge and have a trial before the court.

Honorable Michael A. Dasinger, III
Municipal Court Judge

Honorable A. Regina Cason
Municipal Court Clerk/Magistrate

Honorable Warren T. Harbison
Municipal Court Prosecutor

Honorable Travis R. Townsend

Payment Options

If you have a case that can be paid without a court appearance, your payment options are:

Post Office Box 9
Loxley, AL 36551


  • Online or call 1-866-849-3906 and use a credit or debit card (3.5% processing fee applies).
  • Pay in person at the Court Office located at 2139East Relham Ave. Loxley, Alabama. The person who was issued the citation must be present.
  • Mail a cashier’s check or money order made payable to Loxley Court to Loxley Court Post Office Box 9, Loxley, Alabama 36551. Print your name and case/ticket number on the cashier’s check or money order. Sign the guilty plea and waiver on the ticket and mail with payment. We do not accept personal checks.
  • No payments will be accepted at the court office on the day of court.


What information do I need to obtain a warrant?

To have someone arrested you must first file a report with the Loxley Police Department. If probable cause is found, you will be issued an application for warrant/summons and referred to call the municipal court to make an appointment for a probable cause hearing with a magistrate to determine if a warrant or summons will be issued.

Can I drop a warrant?

Once a warrant has been signed and issued, it cannot be dropped for any reason. Everyone must appear in court to settle the matter.

How can I get a PFA (Protection From Abuse Order) or a Restraining Order on someone?

PFA can only be filed with the Baldwin County Circuit Clerk’s Office located in the courthouse in Bay Minette, AL. There is no charge to file a PFA. New laws went into effect as of July 2010 regarding who a PFA can be filed against.

For more information contact the Baldwin County Circuit Clerk’s office at 251-943-5061.

A restraining order must be obtained with the assistance of an attorney. You must contact your attorney for more information on restraining orders.