Loxley’s Police Jurisdiction covers 110 square miles and is the largest jurisdiction in Baldwin County. Our officers are diligently patrolling this vast area while answering calls for service and working traffic complaints 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Police Chief:
John Cason

(251) 964-6000

8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.,
Monday to Friday

2128 East Relham Ave
Loxley, AL 36551

Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 9
Loxley, AL 36551

Accident reports are available from the Alabama State Trooper’s office.


 The City of Loxley Police Department is seeking bids on the below vehicles. Click the links to learn more. 


The Loxley Police Department is a solution-oriented law enforcement agency whose mission is to fairly and aggressively enforce laws, reinforce public trust, and inspire public confidence.

To accomplish this mission, we will interact with the public with professionalism, integrity, and respect. We will work collaboratively with other agencies toward effective problem resolution and support education efforts directed towards enhancing public safety and crime prevention. We will go beyond patrol and investigation, fulfilling our responsibility to protect the inherent rights of our citizens so as to live in freedom and unity.

It is the responsibility of the Loxley Police Department to uphold the proud traditions of this town and to maintain vigilance toward excellence. We strive to create partnerships with the community through public education, prevention, and awareness, improving the quality of life for its entire people. We demand of our officers the highest professional standards and dedication to law enforcement’s core values.

Join Our Force

  • Download/Save pdf to your computer.

  • Double-click pdf to open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • Type in your information.

  • Click the File menu, point to Send File, and then click Attach to Email.

  • Email should be sent to amiller@cityofloxley.com.

Internet Purchase Exchange Location

Internet Purchase Exchange Location

To help prevent scams and potential physical attacks, the Loxley Police Department has created an “Internet Purchase Exchange Location” where residents can carry out online purchases in a more safe environment than private residences or other unfamiliar areas.
Upon completing an online purchase, instruct the other party to meet you at the Loxley Police Department located at 2128 East Relham Drive. The exchange zone is located in an area that is continuously monitored by video surveillance cameras and is directly in front of the Loxley Police Department, which will also provide a deterrent to would-be scammers and aggressors.